Jan 28 2012

Making Life Changes

We’re not going to make a life change – or any change – unless we know why it’s important.

 In the last post, I told you that I would tell you how I made a huge change in my life. Making life changes are never easy – NEVER! What you have to consider is this: Is it worth putting in all the hard work? making life change

My life change:

In 2008, I was laid off from a job from which I hoped to retire. It was traumatic, to say the least. (That’s another story) I was discouraged because looking for work is ‘hard work’. For years I’d been talking about starting my own business, so I decided that perhaps this was a good time to pursue that before looking for another job. That is when I heard about Life Coaching and did some investigation.

I knew what I wanted!
While I did my coach training I took a temporary position with a big company. After seven weeks they offered me a full-time position (with good pay), but I turned them down because I had made a life changing decision. I had decided that I was going to make a positive change in my life and pursue my own coaching business. Scary? Definitely! Risky? Definitely! Something I learn in my training was that if you want to make a change, you need to know why it’s important. We’re not going to make a change unless we know why it’s important. In the training course, we got coached a lot, which helped me to completely understand my reasons for wanting to make the change. …which is why, when the job offer came, I did not even consider it! A year earlier I would have taken it just to have an income, even though I didn’t enjoy the job. 

I got what I wanted!
This time, what a difference! I knew what I wanted – I knew why I wanted it – I knew how to get it. It wouldn’t be easy, but it would be worth it. I also knew that I needed help in order to make it happen; I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. Making the investment to get the help I needed was well worth it. It paid off. I’m here to tell you once I made the life changing to transform my circumstances, I took action and got help. Now, I am loving my ‘new and improved’ lifestyle.

What I love the most is that I have the privilege to help and inspire others to make positive life changes so they don’t have to ‘hope’ things are going to get better. I help them to realize that they can do something about it. It’s up to them, and I’m ready to help them.

What is a life change you want to make? It doesn’t have to be huge. Sometimes changing a small thing in your life can impact all the other areas in your life. You might need help to make the change ‘stick’. If so, give me a call and we can talk about it.

Congratulations on deciding to make a life change. Please leave a comment and let us know – it will encourage the rest of us.

Edges are scary, but that’s where change happens.


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  1. Karen Van Riesen

    This is so inspirational! I love that you didn’t make a decision based on money, but on your values!

    I hope this inspires others to hire you to help them move into something new – you are an amazing life coach – I know because I you have been my coach and I highly recommend you!


  2. Betty

    Thanks for the comment, Karen. Isn’t it amazing what we can do when we have a coach?

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