Aug 16 2012


You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

The secret of success is found in your daily routine.

~John Maxwell


create a change

I can’t tell you the number of times I decided to make a change, only to give up in a few days. …or not even get started. Can you identify? By the number of articles and books on the subject, I think it’s a common problem.

My motivation starts our great; my intentions are good. So, what’s my problem? I don’t stick with it. I lose interest and motivation. This is often a pattern for me, especially because of my personality. I get bored and distracted very easily.

The Compound Effect

I just finished reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine. He emphasized the importance of routine. In the book he said that a daily routine built on good habits and disciplines separate the most successful among us from everyone else. A routine is exceptionally powerful. We need to bookend our days; have a routine for the morning and a routine for the evening. They are essential to your success of creating change.

 John Maxwell says “The secret of success is found in your daily routine.”

Create a Change

When thinking about how to create change, it’s good to start small in order to set yourself up for success. Think about some changes you’ve made in the past, that have become a habit. They have become routine for you. You’ve turned them into good habits. How did you do that?

Now, think of a change you want to create in your life now. What is one action you can start doing every day to affect that change? What are some ways you might work that action into your morning or evening routines?

When I had a full-time job downtown, I rode transit to and from work. I had a habit of reading on the train. A lot of people complained about taking the train to work, but I loved it because I got a lot of books read. (I love reading) Another habit I had was going for a walk on my noon hour – got exercise and spent time walking with a colleague!

When we want to create a change, we need to form a habit. The best way to do that is to work it into our routine – morning or evening is best.

When you build something into your routine, it becomes a habit – and your life changes.

What are some changes you want to create? Think about your long term goals and how you are going to achieve them. Probably with one little change at a time. It all starts with the first step. Sometimes we need help because it’s just too difficult to do on our own. Being accountable to someone is a great help. Hiring a life coach (hint) is another great way to help you create changes and make them stick.

Please leave a comment and tell us about the changes you are thinking about making. It doesn’t matter how big or small. The process is the same.

Take that first step now!





  1. Roni

    Betty, I’m wanting to let you know I finally made the biggest change of all and I couldn’t be more excited….but at the same time, I’m in still feeling a bit scared. I don’t mind being scared this time because I keep looking at my priorities on the life-wheel you taught us to use…..and it keeps every change and goal in focus and reminds us of where we want to be most.

    So, off to the coast we go! Finally……but where were you 20 years ago? 😉 BIG BIG Thank-you Betty….for letting another year go by would have probably felt like 20.

    1. Betty

      Hi Roni,
      I’m so excited for you. I totally understand the ‘feeling a bit scared’ but admire your focus of where you want to be most! Congratulations.

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