Jan 12 2012

Staying Focused

You must remain focused on your journey to greatness. ~ Les Brown

staying focused

It’s already the 11th day of a new year! As I was thinking about my first blog of 2012 and the first blog on my new website, I thought it would be fitting to dream about new beginnings. 

Isn’t it nice that once a year we get a chance to reflect back to the previous year and look forward to the next one? It makes no difference if last year was a good one or the ‘year from hell’ – what matters is that next year can be better than the year before. If you’ve had the ‘year from hell’, then might be thinking that it can’t get any worse! If last year was pretty good, won’t it be nice to anticipate an even better year? 

In my reflections about last year, what I learned about myself wasn’t really new to me. But it hit home really hard and I’ve decided it’s time to make a change. 2011 was wonderful in most aspects, but could have been so much better in other areas. What I realize is that the reason the other areas weren’t better than I’d hoped was because of me! Big surprise, right? 

You see, I have the kind of personality that gets bored quickly. I love to start things and I like to finish things. But I don’t like a long in-between time; otherwise I get distracted and I’m off on a rabbit trail chasing something more interesting. I lose interest quickly. I find it hard to concentrate and focus for a long period of time. I can actually spend months gathering information about what I want to do, but never start. All the information is so interesting, I just want to keep on looking for more. 

I love brainstorming and getting new ideas, but staying focused long enough to finish something is difficult. Because I’ve had more than a few careers in my lifetime, at time I wondered if there was something wrong with me. Once I became certified in using Leading From Your Strengths assessments and learned about my own behaviour style in depth, I realized there is absolutely nothing wrong with me! It’s my personality! It’s my strength!!! What a relief! (Okay – I know some will disagree because maybe I drive you nuts!) 

I really do want to stick with something long enough to get a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, fulfillment. But the difficulty with my kind of personality is staying focused and on track. Don’t worry – when I’m coaching I can easily stay focused for 45 minutes! 

So, here is my goal for this year ~ STAY FOCUSED! 

I only have one goal – stay focused on whatever I’m doing. 

I have no problem deciding what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.I have no problem knowing what is important in my life and my day-to-day activities. I have no problem knowing what I should be doing. 

But I have a huge problem with staying focused and actually getting those things accomplished. There is no point in investing in a new website if I’m not going to focus on making it work for me. 

I’m being vulnerable here. As a Growth Coach, I know it’s really important to be accountable to someone. Maybe for me, maybe I need to be accountable to more than one person! Accountability is huge. We know that chances of getting something done are greater if we have to report to someone. 

Here’s my plan ~ I’m going to report to you from time to time. Will you please help me by checking in with me from time to time and asking me how I’m doing? I promise I won’t get defensive. I promise I will be honest and I won’t make excuses. I welcome your help! 

2012 ~ a New Year!

What are YOU focused on for the coming year?

What is your goal? 

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I’m creating a better life for myself by committing to staying focused. How about you? Please leave a comment – I want to hear from you.


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  1. Lester C. Fretz

    First of all, I commend you for sharing who you are, i.e. your type of personality and how your inclination is to get a great idea, pursue it but lose interest in a short time. Don’t apologize for that…just realize it’s your gift to get great ideas and before you close the chapter on them, you come up with new ones.

    I identify with you except I simply call my incompleted ideas “back burner projects”. I’m currently working on something I started in 2008; this week I gained new inspiration from sharing the idea with someone who agreed with it and affirmed my direction. So, I’m taking that “back burner” idea and believing it will be a 2012 production. In those intervening years, I’ve picked up new ideas to help implement the original, so it was not all that bad to “back burner” it for four years.

    Look at products which have been developed by Thomas Edison or employees of 3M. WD-40 got its name from the fact that it was the 40th attempt to come up with a water displacement (hence WD) liquid.

    1. Betty

      Thanks for those encouraging comments, Lester. I do have a lot of things on the ‘back burner’, but there are definitely a few things I intend to complete in 2012.
      I’d be interesting to hear about your 2012 production!

  2. Viola

    Great blog post Betty.

    Staying focused is sometimes very difficult to curious people like me. I know you can help me with that :).


    1. Betty

      Thanks for the kudos, Viola. You’re absolutely right – for some of us it is really difficult to stay focused. I most certainly can help you with that. I’ll be in touch.

  3. Roni

    For all New Years resolutions I’ve made……for all the bucket lists…….for all the
    recentments and lost on a path, for loosing directions to your goal, for settling
    with a feeling of ‘mourning’……for the unnecessary anxiousness, for the sake of
    living life that is lived with a REAL PURPOSE…..I give to you Betty Good.

    There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not affected in a positive way from something I learned in a coaching session.

    I thought I knew everything and more importantly, I thought I Knew everything about me, but for some reason I was self-conscience. Go figure? Until my coaching sessions, I never get much thought to having someone in my life that actually talks to me and is as excited about my life as I am. Sure, friends are ‘sort-of’ well meaning when trying to be there for us with advice on something they don’t know anything about……and we do need a friend just for their hugs, thats the sweetest things about friendship. If you want a friend who will actually listen and giveryour life a good boost forward and makes you feel good to ‘be you’, then as your friend, may I give my advice and widsom on something I ‘do’ know about. If you only decide to do one thing to make your resolutions come true and your goals come alive, I can’t imagine that thing being anything other than a session or two with Betty.

    I write this because in ‘who I am’……..I genuinely care about people and there would be nothing nice about me not sharing with you, something I know will put a smile in your life. If you want to know anything about me or how my coaching went, just email me and I will be happy to talk to you.

    Happy New Year, and Betty, I love being able to post on your blog. I’ve always yapped about you but I want to add regular blogging now. 🙂 By the way, thanks for our session this evening. Two things, we totally felt like this business will take off and we love that we were ablt to be coached about it during the last few fading days of our resolutions. ‘wink’. Talk to you soon xoxo

    1. Betty

      Hi Roni,
      I want to thank YOU for the privilege of being your coach and watching the growth in you. What an honour for me. And you are right – I AM as excited about your life as you are. It’s so good to be on this journey with you. Keep up the good work!

      1. Roni

        Hi Betty, just a quick update. I had a wonderful meeting today and got my first real order. I’m actually in business now. I have to give you a big THANKS for the coaching session just before the week-end. We used your Disney House guidelines to brain-storm and by the time I had the meeting this morning, I had not only had all the confidence I wanted, but I had more ideas for the meeting…..and…..absolutely no anxiety either.
        So far the New Year is off to a very focused start! 🙂 So from one curious ‘otter’ to another, how is your ‘focus’ resolution coming along?

        1. Betty

          Congratulations, Roni! I’m excited to hear all about your meeting in our next session.

  4. Lester C. Fretz

    It’s most encouraging to read messages from people who are being helped by Betty Good. Although I live a few thousand kilometers from her and cannot attend any of her workshops, I’m pleased to authenticate her.

    I’ve known Betty for several decades so I can say that she’s not just a “fly by night” individual who dreamed up an idea to start a business. She’s a person with many gifts and capabilities. She has faced dificult situations successfully and has a genuine interest in helping others. I know people personally who have been helped and inspired by Betty Good! She has many characteristics that I admire and appreciate.


    1. Betty

      Lester – thanks for those encouraging words. Let me remind you that you have been a great inspiration in my life and you were one of the first people who had confidence in me when I had none in myself.

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