What is a Life Coach?
Someone who helps you look at where you are now and where you’d like to be. Someone who helps you focus on what you want to change or achieve, set goals and stick to them. Someone who gives you the tools to make the changes necessary to live the life you want.

How does a coaching session work?
Take a look at the Coaching page.

How many sessions will I need?
Call me and we’ll figure it out together. Some clients have had good success after one month; others have continued regular weekly sessions over a longer period of time. It really depends on your long term goals. I have some clients who switch to monthly sessions after their initial package, just to make sure they stay on track. Others call me when they need me.

Can we speak about what I might need before I commit to one package?
Definitely. I’ll get a sense of where you are at, what your perceived needs are and what package you might most benefit from.

Do you coach younger people?
I did a workshop with a grade 12 class and one of the students became a client. She is now in university and we meet on a weekly basis. I think coaching is a wonderful gift for a young person to have.

Do you take medical insurance?
I don’t know of any health insurance companies that will pay for Life Coaching.

Do you work with couples?
I have worked with one couple very successfully. They each completed an online assessment and we used that as a basis. It depends on the couple and what the issues are. Talk to me about it and we’ll decide together if we would be a fit.

Can I speak with someone you have coached?
Absolutely! Ask me for names and contact information.

Do you do group coaching?
Group coaching is a great idea. It can be done by phone or in person if in Calgary.

What if I don’t like life coaching after the first session?
I’ll give you a full refund if you received no value from the first session and don’t wish to continue. I don’t take anyone hostage. I only coach people who want me to be their coach.

Do you do public speaking?
I love speaking – contact me to discuss details.

Do you deliver workshops?
Workshops are my absolute favorite. Check out my Events page.