Jul 25 2012


No one will change until they see the price that they are paying by not changing.
–Brian Klemmer

This quote is so true. Change is hard. It means getting out of our comfort zone, which is not ‘comfortable’. We like to be comfortable. We prefer our comfort zone, even if it isn’t pleasant. Why? Getting out of our comfort zone means changing, and changing is not always easy. It means doing something that’s often hard – something that takes courage, energy, effort.

What are you not willing to change, even though you want to? Hard to Change

Too Hard to Change

It’s really easier to stay put, even though we don’t like it where we are. It’s too hard to change. That’s why so many people are in a job they hate. People live in apartments that are too small, or houses that are too big, they stay in a relationship that’s draining, they settle for their present weight, they choose to stay where they are, even though they realize that there could be something better for them!

A few weeks ago, I had a consultation with a person who thought a life coach could help him. As we chatted, it was obvious that he had some issues to deal with; they were holding him back from achieving his goal. It would be more than difficult to deal with them on his own. After he heard the price of the sessions, he said he would get back to me. I haven’t heard back, and I doubt I will. It’s really too bad. I wonder if he is thinking about the price he is paying for NOT getting the help he needs to make the changes he needs. Unless he makes those changes, his goal will not be reached and his whole life will suffer. Change is hard and it’s often too hard to do it on our own.

Why we Don’t Change

We don’t change because it’s too hard. Life is hard – no one ever said it would be easy. But if we don’t make the effort to make the changes to make our lives better, we’re paying the price of staying the same, in the same situation, the same job (if we don’t get fired), the same relationship, the same house, etc. etc. etc.

What change do you want to make? Are you hesitating? Is it because it would be too hard? Do you want to stay in your comfort zone? Does it take too much energy to even think about it? I totally understand! I have stayed in situations that were not healthy for me simply because it was easier to stay than to change. But staying took its toll on me and in the long run, it was not healthy. It really wasn’t easier. Once I made the decision to make some changes in my life, I faced the challenges and grew though them. Life doesn’t always get easier, but it does get better. I felt better about myself and my choices. I was in control of my life and felt that my choices were good ones.

What changes are you afraid of making? What changes would make life better in the long run? Are you ready to move forward, even though change is hard? It may be too hard on your own. As a life coach, I can help you make those changes, move out of your comfort zone and into a ‘new and improved’ one. Even if you’re not quite ready, having a chat with me might provide some clarity for you. Contact me for a free chat. …no obligation!

The past is the future unless you change.

~Dan Rockwell



  1. Roni

    Hi Betty, if only there were some way that people could see your life and
    how your own changes have allowed you to have a very rewarding life,
    then I know, without a doubt, people wouldn’t hesitate for a second to
    start their own life changes.

    I can’t say enough about how comforting it was to find out ‘who’
    the ‘real me’ was through my coaching sessions with you.
    Especially surprising because I thought I knew everything there
    was to know about ‘me’. 😉 I guess part of the ‘me’ discovery came
    from learning and understanding what it took to do what is best for
    the ‘real me’.

    Whether someone wants a small change or a major life change, understanding
    their natural selves has to be the most reassuring step towards living a life
    outside of a paralyzing comfort zone.

    My own experience with the coaching sessions with you, working through the
    delightfully thrilling adventure of discovering the ‘real & natural me’, made me
    feel so good about who I am, without feeling guilty about it. That ‘guilt’ feeling
    was probably the most paralyzing aspect in my life…..and you were able to
    guide me via exciting and easy steps, out of that ‘guilt-zone’ and into a whole
    new level of feeling comfortable and confident.
    I love my new elevated ‘awareness of who I am……and because of that ongoing
    treasure hunt of self-discovery, I’m no longer sitting in a paralyzing comfort zone.

    I greatly encourage anybody who feels an ‘unrest’ with life to at least take the one
    wee step of taking to Betty. She will help you discover who the ‘real you’ is.
    In return, your whole world will expand with possibilities you only dreamed of.
    The most profound change can come from just becoming ‘more aware’.

    My own enlightenment of ‘awareness’ left me feeling like I am looking through the
    largest and cleanest living room window ever, that was once in need of a good scrub.
    It’s amazing really to realize we all have a spark that just needs the fuel of awareness,
    or a cloudy window that just needs a good scrub to let ‘all’ the light in.
    It’s even more amazing to me how easy, and might add, unbelievably comfortable it was
    to talk to Betty. Especially so because I am naturally a private person.

    I am taking the time to write this because in my heart of hearts, I truly wish the same path of comfort and discovery for everyone out there. How could I ‘not’ want to share this. I am in my fifties and the only
    other wish I have, is the wish that I this happened in my life many years sooner.

    Forever grateful,


    1. Betty

      Thanks so much for the kudos. But the praise goes to you, because you did all the work. I had the pleasure of watching you come out of your cocoon and morph into a beautiful butterfly, spreading your wings and flying! I look forward to our continued sessions as you continue to develop personally.

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