Dec 06 2012


The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future
by merely changing his attitude.
–Oprah Winfrey

Change your attitude


I coach a group of immigrant women who are taking a course that is training them in a specific career, to help them get employment. 
Many of them have young children. They have all left families behind in their home countries. They’ve moved to Canada for a ‘better life’. The road to their better life is not an easy one! 
A few weeks ago we talked about ANTS – Automatic Negative ThoughtS – and how to change their negative thinking. 
Last week we talked about the value of gratitude and their homework was to start and keep a gratitude journal. They were to write down five things every day that they were thankful for. 
Yesterday I asked them how it had helped them since I’d been there last week. One woman instantly piped up and said, “ANTS to THANKS”. Don’t you just love it? I wrote it on the white board and told her I wanted to blog about it. She turned her Automatic Negative ThoughtS into thoughts of Thankfulness
It works. When we’re thankful, we’re positive, and it changes our outlook on life. Try it – let me know how it’s changing things for you. 
By the way – if you need more help to change your situation, hire a Life Coach. (hint, hint)




  1. Viola

    Betty, this is soooo true. It is easy to get lost in negativity, find something negative in everything but that road only takes us down to more negative thoughts and situation so why not make the conscious effort and counter that negative thought with a positive one right away.

    We do have the power!


    1. Betty

      You’re absolutely right – we DO have the power, even though it might be hard work and take lots of practice.

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