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My Story

Extremely Shy
If you met me today, you’d never guess that I used to be extremely shy, lacked self-esteem and self-confidence and felt unloved. That’s how I was growing up and it continued for most of my life.

The shyness decreased, as did the other things – but not miraculously!

There were people in my life who believed in me and inspired me to believe in myself. They made me feel valued, which helped me to feel good about myself. It also helped my self-confidence.

But not everyone in my life was supportive and loving. There have been a few who ‘seemed’ to delight in tearing me down. Can you imagine a boss who wouldn’t give up until you were in tears? That erodes your self-esteem really fast!

I didn’t like being the way I was. I read tons of books about self-development, went to counsellors, talked to friends, talked to God. I believe everything helped, but I still had to do the work …which I did. It was hard. Two steps forward, one back; three steps forward, two back. One time I remember thinking “Wow, this is it – I’ve made it – life is good.” It was for awhile and then there was more to learn. There always seems more to learn!

In 2008 I experienced a very traumatic event in my life. The details/story line isn’t important. What IS important is how resilient I had become. Because of the hard work I’d done and the support of my family and good friends, I bounced back from that and moved forward with intention and confidence – in record time!

Life Coaching
That’s when I discovered life coaching. I took the training to become a Life Coach. Throughout the course I grew more and more! I dealt with more ‘junk’ in my life. I decided to become a Life Coach because I believe that my whole life to that point had been my prerequisite preparation period. It took me decades, literally, to do all the hard work of becoming who I was.

If there had been Life Coaches when I was younger, I could have sped up the process because through coaching we’re always focused on creating solutions, making changes and moving forward. I could have fast tracked my growth and saved myself from some of the more difficult experiences in my life. In my past I remained stuck a lot because I didn’t know how to move forward and leave the past behind.

I love coaching! My life purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others, especially women, to help them to make a difference in their world.

In case you’re wondering, I have a background in education and have more than 25 years of teaching experience. I have also had a few other careers including training, financial planning , sales and real estate. I’m the co-owner of Incredible Living, an organization that helps children and adults discover their natural strengths which are unique to them. I have three married children and four adorable grandchildren.

My Life Coach training was through Erickson College in Vancouver.

International Coach Federation               Leading From Your Strengths certified                   Calgary Association of Professional Coaches